AES Volunteer Program

Africa Expeditions & Safari Volunteer Program (AES Volunteer Program) is a unique program developed and promoted in India to ensure that from the child in school to the adult has the option and opportunity to spend time in the African bush, working with scientists, researchers and game managers learning the way of the bush and conservation whilst supporting the field staff in their numerous occupations. The program is to be held in Namibia and South Africa in October and December during the school breaks.

AES Volunteer on his return to India has the added advantage of working with camps owned by us in India to further their conservation goals.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of conservation the world over. It’s through selfless volunteer work that not only is path breaking research possible but actual implementation of conservation efforts become a reality. We at the AES Volunteer’s Program have realized that though the scientists have their work cut out it’s the uncluttered, uncompromised thinking of the volunteers that lends fresh ideas to the scientific processes in place. All AES Volunteers, upon their return have the opportunity to work with the local communities that surround our camps near Nagarhole and Bandipur. We believe that it is only through the individual Indians understanding of the importance of conservation and their role in it, can India actually progress in its quest of saving our wilderness and our many sensitive environs. We take the volunteers into different eco-biospheres, away from the norms and perceptions of life at home. Living in the African bush, working with big game in the field with experts and scientists has a profound effect on the children who volunteer to work with us. Self realisation and introspection, together with people of varying beliefs, traditions and cultures is education par excellence. At the AES Volunteer program we pride ourselves in creating a passion amongst our volunteers. We personalize each program for the individual keeping in mind his capability and his willingness to learn and work in the field.

At AES Volunteers Program we take volunteers to Africa to work on ongoing wildlife research and management projects as well as assist with community development and environmental education programs. We offer life defining opportunities to contribute to such ambitious and worthy causes whilst experiencing the incredible and unique landscape of Africa. Volunteer work with AES Volunteer Program gets one directly involved in reserve rehabilitation and research, including monitoring big game. Research is normally in collaboration with various conservation organizations and universities and all AES volunteers learn to become competent in most required field techniques, including data collected which is used for the management of conservation areas. The scientists then apply this knowledge to other parts of Africa whilst the AES Volunteer brings the learning back to India to implement it in the field here.

In order to understand the Indian ethos better the AES Volunteer will partake in community outreach. There can be no effective conservation without acknowledging the people that have lived in the area for generations. The AES volunteer will try and understand the essential meaning of the word conflict. Is it the local man-authority conflict or a simple case of man-animal conflict that kills and adversely affects both sides?  Saad Jung the promoter of the volunteer program in India has published two books on wilderness (Wild Tales from the Wild and Subhan & I) and been part of conservation in India since 1986.  He exposes the volunteers to the various conflicts that exist in the field in India. Policies are discussed and solutions, which could apply under Indian circumstances, sought and implemented.


The AES Volunteers will address the following issues:

  • Understanding and respecting the wildlife and its environment
  • Game management
  • Animal behavior
  • Conflicts
  • Reserve management
  • Game viewing
  • Photography
  • Man-Animal conflict
  • Government – local man relationship
  • Art of spoor tracking
  • Work at the Game Reserve with other staff – how to earn respect
  • Team work – we will be doing a few activities
  • Leadership – discussion on leadership

The AES Volunteers Program 2012 will be held in October and December:

Those interested may please contact or contact him on +919886772116

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