Africa Expeditions & Safari

We at Africa with Saad differentiate between expeditions and safaris by using a simple yardstick. By doing so we are able to offer Africa in its purity the way it was many moons ago, the way the people of old knew her in her many moods – peaceful yet thrilling, savage yet gentle at most times.

The verb for “to travel” in Swahili is “kusafiri”, the noun for the journey being “safari” as a result¬†expeditions in Africa till a few centuries ago were mainly safaris, there being no difference between the two.

Today with commercialization staring you in the face at each step of your travel and the once perilous journey being revolutionized and made thrill free by wireless communication, planes and top of the line 4×4 vehicles, we believe that in order to give you back the pure pleasure of travel through the wilderness of the dark continent the way it used to be, there is an urgent and desperate need to differentiate between expeditions and safaris.


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