The Caprivi is the only area of Namibia that is lush and green and well watered by rivers and the only place in the country where one can see wading elephants along with hippos and crocs. It has remarkable bird life along with the regular plains game. Free ranging roan can be seen but are difficult to find.

Wedged between Angola and Botswana the Caprivi Game Park extends along the Okavango River for about 112 miles (180km) until it meets the Kwando River in the east. Although it was proclaimed a park in 1968, it was controlled by the South African Defence Force and not managed as a conservation area. As a result there are few tourist facilities and the terrain is extremely sandy so a 4X4 vehicle is a pre-requisite. The terrain is generally flat with deciduous woodlands, except for some 97-195 feet high (30-60m) dunes covered in vegetation. Although game is present, you may not see much as you are restricted to the single road running through the park.

 Mudumu National Park

The Kwando River runs through this National Park which offers a true African wilderness experience. In contrast to the rest of Namibia, the area is lush with marches, riverine forests, dense savannah and mopane woodland. An astonishing 430 species of birds have been recorded which is nearly 70% of Namibia’s total, and much game including the rare sitatunga and red lechwe as well as buffalo, elephant, zebra, antelopes, hippo and crocodiles.

Mamili National Park

It is the largest wetland area of conservation status in Namibia and is characterized by a complex network of channels, reed beds, ox-bow lakes and tree-covered islands. The focal points are the two large islands of Nkasa and Lupala in the Kwando/Linyati River. These islands can be reached by road but only in the dry season. After rains the area becomes flooded cutting them off from the mainland.

Similar to nearby Mudumu National Park, this park is vibrant with bird and animal life.

Rain falls during the hot months of November to March and temperatures and humidity is high. Dry season is from May to October and animals tend to congregate along the river. Game is at its most dense and easily visible in the middle and end of the dry season. October becomes very hot with the anticipation of rain making the air heavy.

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