At Africa with Saad expeditions are those journeys that you take with us, on your own with minimal commercialization, with but the barest of outside support and into the heart of a wilderness unknown to you. Expedition with us is when you go into the bush and camp with no one around you, just you and the lions that roar near your nondescript camp; just you and the elephants, buffalo and hippo that graze but a few meters from your little tent; just you and the stars and the baying of the hyenas; just you and the distant throbbing of the tribal drums. You will not know where we are headed for even we won’t know where our path takes us when on expedition. Our objective is to offer you the closest semblance of the African bush as it was over a hundred years ago – just you and our minimal expedition team and wild Africa. That’s why our expeditions start and end at the airport you arrive and depart from. All we need to know are your dates.
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