North Luangwa

Buffalo herds over 2,000 strong, animals unused to humans, close encounters with big animals from a canoe or boat or on foot, elephants in numbers on this internationally recognized ‘one of the wildest places on earth’ where few other visitors dare to tread, with an incredible diversity of habitats makes this a must do in a lifetime destination.

Hemmed in by the Luangwa River to the east and the Muchinga escarpment rising to 3,575 feet (1,100metres) above sea level to the west are regions of pure mopane woodlands and lush riverine forests of red mahogany, ivory palms and sausage trees laden with long dangling fruit making the North Luangwa National Park a truly diverse and wild habitat filled with teeming game that is wild beyond compare. The Luangwa Valley covers almost the entire eastern region of Zambia. This park is one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in Africa and has been called “one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world today.” It is so remote that self-drive safaris are not allowed and you may only enter if accompanied by a licensed guide.

Huge herds of buffalo – sometimes more than a thousand head, large herds of elephants, prides of lions, leopards and hyena and thousands of antelopes including, bushbuck, puku, kudu, impala and some not found in the south such as oribi, hartebeest, reedbuck, eland, zebra, wildebeest warthog, baboon and vervet monkeys all inhabit the park in healthy numbers.

There is a tremendous variety of birds with half-collared kingfishers, long-tailed wagtails, babbling starlings, Pel’s fishing owl and purple crested turaco, to name just a few of the special ones.

Rainy season is form November to March with most rain falling during December to February and humidity reaching a peak in January, February and March. The park is inaccessible during heavy rains. The dry Season is from April to October when it barely ever rains and the coolest months are May, June and July. As the months progress it gets hotter and peaks in October at around 86°F (30°C).

Best time to visit North Luangwa is July to October

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