Mahale Mountains National Park

If you want to spend time with an animal that shares 98% of your genes then get to Mahale Mountains National park for this is home to wild chimpanzees. Apart from watching the colobus and blue monkeys do their daily routine, fishermen in traditional Arab dhows on Lake Tanganyika can be observed living life like they have done for many hundreds of years.

There are no roads in the park and and the only way to arrive is by air or boat (on Lake Tanganyika) and explore it on foot along with the chimps.

The Mahale Mountains run from north to west across the middle of the park with the highest peak towering 8,000 feet (approx. 2,462 metres) above sea level. Mountainous tropical forests hang with vines and tall trees grow on the banks of rivers which tumble into numerous waterfalls.

Apart from chimps; buffaloes, elephants, roan, sable antelopes, leopards, lions and warthogs also habitat the park and the birdlife is prolific both in the park and along the lakeshore.

May to October is dry and the best time for forest walks, although the light rains of October and November are also fine. Mid-December to February are also dry. Rainy Season: the long rains are from March to May.


  • Mahale Mountains National Park is situated in the west of Tanzania on the shores of Lake Tanganyika – Tanzania’s western border with Zambia.
  • The park is about 1,000 milesĀ² (1,613 kmĀ²).
  • It was gazetted in 1980.




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