Safari with Africa with Saad on the other hand is your journey through Africa using the least trodden paths on most preferred destinations, staying at camps used by but a few, only those few that know the African bush and its people intricately.

We use camps where the owners are known to us, in area where we know the movement of animals. We use guides who know the local traditions, the people and the wildlife of the area. Our camps accord you the best value for money and the vehicles are chosen keeping in mind your comfort and the terrain. Safaris are designed keeping your requests based on where you would like to travel and the wildlife you would like to see, the seasons and the movement of game and of course your budget in mind.

Whilst we do understand that wildlife viewing is based on luck we plan on taking you to areas, which offer the best chances of making your safari special. We will then come up with the best option for you keeping in the forefront the need to deliver a life-defining safari for you and your family.

All our safaris are personalized. We offer the following:

  • Personalized safaris for you and your family and friends
  • Honeymoon safaris
  • Photographic safaris
  • Golf safaris
  • Beach Safaris
  • Fishing safaris
  • Helicopter safaris
  • Flying safaris
  • Walking safaris
  • Horse safaris
  • Camel Safaris

We offer you a mix of the following accommodation:

  • Mobile Camps Which move with the seasons
  • Fixed Tented Camps which remain in one place
  • Fly Camps that move with you
  • Game lodges which use permanent construction
  • Vehicles, which use the vehicle to stay in


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