South Luangwa

Walking through the South Luangwa bush with an expert guides in a wild and remote setting abundant with big game of all sizes in large numbers, encountering packs of wild dogs, lions, leopards and herds of elephants and huge pods of hippos is the perfect African safari experience. The huge South Luangwa National Park is one of Africa’s most unspoiled places with enormous spaces, a wide diversity of habitats, and a high game density and rarity of wildlife rarely seen in other game reserves wild and remote and full of animals – need we say more?

With over 400 species of birds recorded here you could easily see over 100 different species in a three day visit. Some particularly beautiful ones are; carmine bee-eaters, kingfishers, lilac-breasted rollers, bateleur eagles, saddle-billed storks, crowned cranes and fish eagles.

The South Luangwa is inaccessible during the rainy season from December until the last rains in about April. After one night of heavy rain and thunder, the Luangwa River could rise by several metres to form a lake that was not there the day before. May to August are the colder winter months with warm days and cold nights. After that it gets hotter and dryer and by September and October it is very hot. By this time the bushes have wilted and the earth is bone dry, so animals assemble along the river and at remaining waterholes. These hot dry months are the best for game viewing.

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