Waterberg Plateau

Walking around and up to the plateau’s edge is considered to be a dangerous occupation and it is best suggested that you take a guide with you. If there ever was a place where you feel you are being watched constantly by hidden eyes, maybe those of the leopard, the buffalo or ever the dead ghosts of the ancestors of the locals it is this. If there ever was a fear that you could simply be pushed over by an invisible force its now. If you ever needed a companion it’s here.

Emerging suddenly out of a uniform scrubland is a 600ft (200m) gigantic orange rock with sheer sides and a flat top. It is what remains of the sandstone casing which once covered large portions of Namibia, and which has formed numerous other peculiar peaks in this region. Glowing gold in late afternoon sun, the Waterberg Plateau looks too tempting to drive past.

If you are one those laid back people then game drives atop the plateau and watching the colours of the plateau turn golden in afternoon sun whilst imbibing the clean clear air is probably your best option.

The ‘Lost Eden’ as it is sometimes referred to because once up there, the animals of this lush tableland have no way down. It is as though time has stood still. It seems almost possible that a dinosaur could emerge from this unusual place, after all they once roamed the area and left a prehistoric legacy of several three-toed footprints not far from Waterberg. Leopard, buffalo, giraffe, blue wildebeest and the exquisitely coloured and horned roan and sable antelope are amongst the animals living atop this magnificent brick-red sandstone edifice. White and black rhino are well protected up here, as is a rare breeding colony of Cape vultures.

About 85% of the region’s average annual rainfall of 20inches (500mm) falls between November and March. These are the summer months with temperatures reaching 104°F (40°C) April to October is generally dry with very pleasant daytime temperatures but cold enough at night to send the barometer below freezing.


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