Why Africa?

Africa, that majestic land of endless horizons, where each setting sun merits its own painting, simply has no parallel. A plethora of tribes, slavers, traders, explorers, colonists, bounty hunters, white hunters have blessed this land with a unique character of its own. It is the land of adventure; raw, savage and yet gentle.


In this land seeped in tribal traditions and warfare the earth is torn apart by cataclysmic forces creating geographical magnificence unparallel by any other in the world. Great mountains with snows on the equator and greater mountain ranges still, the majestic Great Rift Valley with its immense soda and fresh water lakes, great deserts in both the hemispheres and incredible rivers laden with diamonds and gold feed the human eye with sights beyond belief.  Here lies the source of the Nile, which has fascinated the world since centuries, a fascination which led to the very destruction of the continent herself. Africa is the only place in the world where elephants drink of springs fed by snows on the equator. Explorations precede colonization and though Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe (to name a few) are independent today, they have retained the grandeur and romance of their colonial past. Kenya especially has mastered the art of taking you back in time and keeping you there, all with present day luxuries. If you need to be in a world of pristine wilderness rules by the still superstitious tribal, yet be pampered and spoilt like a child; then come with us to Africa.


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