Why Us?

Fuata nyuki ule asali  (Follow bees, so that you may eat honey)

Life on the dust trail of wilderness is challenging to say the least. Having lived ours on such dusty tracks for over thirty years has taught us an extra trick or two. We have learnt that the crux in offering you the best of Africa is hidden in a few untold facts. Our royal lineage does help in meeting the right people globally and  over time we have developed a deep link and a feel for the bush; be it African or Indian. The various destinations, the wilderness, the camps and the people that make your safari unique, are known to us. We are proud to state that we understand Africa better than most and are prepared to put this knowledge at your beck and call to make it your personal link to a fascinating experience in the bush.

Having run wildlife lodges for three decades we are blessed to state that in Africa we have found similar ilk to work with; a breed with impeccable character, with adventure seeped deep in their bones, mystical camp owners who have helped create unique experiences in their own little camp worlds. Between us we work out how to handle the changing seasons and the movement of animals and then take you into this very magical world of Africa. For in the proper selection of a cohesive safari group, a matching guide and the optimum safari route lies the difference between a life defining holiday or an ordinary one. It is our quest to prove to you that the dark continent is far from dark.


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