Most parts of Zambia are still stuck in a time warp. Not that of misery and poverty but that of a reticent Africa waiting its turn before it stamps its authority on the safari world, the world over.

Zambia is virgin. Zambia is still untamed. Zambia is pure and unspoiled by commercialization. Zambia knows that the average safari buff will prefer other destinations sold and sold again through time and it’s only the true blue safari lover, despondent with existing safari practices, searching for the purity of the experience who will find his way into her very portals. And Zambia is ready and waiting for him.

For Zambia is untamed Africa at its best

From the thundering sprays of Victoria Falls to the remote Kafue, from close encounters on the Lower Zambezi valley to the splendour and untamed grandeur of the Luangwa valleys, Zambia awaits your arrival.

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